Our History

Our Mission

The mission of our firm is to provide our clients with the highest level of personal and professional service for their legal needs.

Delivering qualitative, result driven solutions for clients world wide.
Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore is a full-service firm, which operates with genuine knowledge of both local and international considerations.

The firm was established in May 1989 by Ebun O Sofunde SANGabby N. O. Osakwe, Babajide O. Ogundipe & Mohammed D. Belgore SAN. The founding partners have together been engaged in legal practice for a total of over 100 years. Both Messrs Sofunde and Osakwe were called to the bar in 1972, whilst Babajide Ogundipe was called in 1979 and Mohammed Belgore in 1985. Each partner has had considerable experience in serving a wide variety of clients in Nigeria and throughout the world.

Prior to the formation of the firm in 1989, the partners, with the exception of Gabby Osakwe had, since their call to the bar, been in active legal practice. Gabby Osakwe was prior to 1989 the legal adviser to one of the largest corporations in Nigeria. Two of our partners, namely Babajide Ogundipe and Mohammed Belgore sit on the boards of a number of leading companies, both publicly quoted and private, in Nigeria. We believe that this commercial experience, coupled with our legal expertise affords us an added insight into the needs of corporate bodies and how to satisfy those needs.

We have worked with leading law firms in various parts of the world especially in Europe and in the United States of America on a wide range of matters. Though based in Lagos, we operate in every part of Nigeria through an extensive network of correspondent associates.

Our firm is what can truly be called the “lawyers’ firm”. Not only do we have a wide array of lay clients, we also on a regular basis provide consultancy services to other lawyers in relation to many aspects of their work. Very often, our firm is called upon to lead a team of lawyers where the matter is considered to be complex, high profile or where there are very great issues at stake.