Corporate Finance, Investment & Acquisitions

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Our Finance team covers work for foreign entities intending to do business in Nigeria with regard to matters which include:
  • Representation before governmental & regulatory authorities
  • General due diligence – not just on the corporation but also on would-be business partners.
  • Advice on investment, company laws and other applicable laws.
  • Advise on agreements, negotiations, operating guidelines etc.
  • Such other matters as may be considered necessary or appropriate towards ensuring the success of the project

We also advise clients on money and capital market acquisitions, along with acquisitions of equity interests in Nigerian public and private enterprises.

We recently acted as local legal advisers in the flotation on the London Stock Exchange of a company that proposed to exploit oil prospecting and production licenses in Nigeria.

Generally, we have been advising over the years a wide variety of non-Nigerians (Lawyers and businessmen alike) on Nigeria’s changing investment regime and other related issues that might be of concern to would-be investors.

There is a lot of synergy between this group and the Corporate Finance, Investments and Acquisitions Group. We counsel clients with regards to compliance securities and exchange laws.

We give innovative, responsive and practical legal advice to our clients from our wealth of experience and talents in this area.

We represent investors in connection with publicly and privately offered securities.

We also represent various corporate and business clients including individuals, partnerships, corporations and governmental agencies.

Although a lot of details of previous work undertaken by us is confidential and cannot be revealed, the following is an outline of our recent track record in Investments & Acquisitions:
  • advising the trustees of a major real estate project with regard to a private placement to raise billions of Naira.
  • advising on the acquisition of the controlling interests of two of the biggest publicly quoted Nigerian insurance companies by a UK conglomerate.
  • advising interested Nigerian parties on the acquisition of equity interests of a foreign entity in one of Nigeria’s biggest publicly quoted commercial banks.
  • advising a core investor of a recently privatised enterprise on post-privatisation restructuring and capital market regulations.
  • advising on matters relating to promoters rights, construction and financing of five star hotel with European management.
  • advising an oil company, the holder of an oil prospecting licence on a floatation on the London Stock exchange for the purpose of funding exploration activities
  • advising a client on a proposed Independent Power Project (IPP) in South Western Nigeria
  • advising a consortium of German firms on a world bank assisited B.O.T. waste management project for Lagos State.
  • advising one of the GSM operators on regulatory issues concerning the telecommunications laws and dealings with the Nigerian Communications Commission.