Natural Resources

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We advise on projects and ventures in the field of petroleum and other natural resources  development.

clients include those engaged in on-shore and off-shore pipeline contracts, drilling rig operations, platform construction and maintenance, oil exploration and marketing, government corporations, and marketing and servicing companies.

We have advised clients on a wide range of matters including:
  • managing oil concessions i.e oil prospecting licences (OPL) and Oil Mining Leases (OML) profitability
  •  managing relationships- joint operating agreement, farmin agreements, technical services agreements, M.O.U’s
  • advising a group of marginal field license holders on structuring relationships with their technical and financial partners and on applicable petroleum laws.
  • advising clients on petroleum licensing issues and applicable petroleum laws.
  • advising an oil major on oil spill pollution concerns and other enviromental issues.
  • advisisng various oil and gas operators, and reviewing for them the Federal Enviromental Protection Agency Act 1990 and other enviromental legislation.
  •  advising an oil prospecting license (OPL) holder on its joint venture relationship and dealings with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).
  • conducting a review of the LNG and natural gas sector with regard to its project finance aspects.